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Claiming My Life Back

Published: August 19, 2016


It has been a few years since I’ve been on holidays and had some fun so after 3 months of looking after my adrenals, Lewis and I decided to go to Cairns for a short holiday over the Easter break – that decision was a bit of a two edged sword.
Our holiday
When we arrived in Cairns it was hot and steamy which isn’t surprising because only a few days earlier Cairns had gone through cyclone Ita and hence experienced a fair bit of rain. My friend had arranged for us to do some house sitting in a lovely house in a suburb called Freshwater, so this was going to be a bit different to the usual stay at my friend’s house at the beach.

We arrived at the house late and one of the occupants was still there asleep in bed, so we crept into our bed as soon as we could. That was the first sleepless night of our holiday. After a few hours in bed every nerve ending in my body was on edge and because we didn’t have the house to ourselves I felt a bit trapped.

My first suspicion was the WiFi which is always on according to Serena, the other occupant in the house. After she left for Brisbane I turned the WiFi off. I also borrowed a plug for an earthing sheet that I had brought with me and gave sleeping another try that night. My sleep was better but still not good. As the nights progressed my sleep worsened but as far as I could see there wasn’t anything else that I could do – something was bothering me, my hair began falling out again!

Smart Meter
Tucked away, next to the swimming pool was a smart meter (A smart meter can track your electricity usage and is supposed to help keep electricity costs down – sorry, I didn’t think to take a photo of it. I had heard about smart meters affecting people’s health and I could feel the effects of the radiation from the smart meter build up in my body every day, as it did with EMF and EMR from my WiFi at home – of course the smart meter is EMR! I was thankful that this was to be a short holiday!

The Good Stuff
I have learned to cope with sleepless nights. With the right attitude your body can still get some rest and revitalization. I practiced my adrenal yoga every night when I couldn’t sleep and I still managed to function and have a good time. I couldn’t spend too much time in the house, which was a shame because it was such luxury accommodation but how could we enjoy Cairns staying inside a house anyway.

Some Highlights
A boat trip along the Barron River – the aim was to take the boat out to the sea but when we got there it was too choppy so I asked my friend Jack to turn back. The boat had no life jackets or other safety equipment on it and it was only a small tinny


Cairns at Dusk

Lewis had never been to the Cairns city center with its lovely foreshore and swimming pool for visitors to romp around in so I felt that this was a must see for him. We went at dusk and I only had my iPad with me so the circumstances we not very conducive for photography. The area is really beautiful and there are lots of places to dine, relax or exercise – perfect!

Port Douglas on Easter Sunday
We got up early to go to the markets at Port Douglas on Eater Sunday morning and I’m glad that we did – it soon got quite hot and steamy again but that didn’t stop us from having a wonderful day. I’ve been to the markets many times – this time my favourite was the frozen choc coated bananas. I had two! Hey, it was Easter and although I try not to eat chocolate, I tend to cave in a bit about chocolate at Easter time. Adrian the coconut man made us a lovely coconut breakfast snack, I will write more about that in another blog.

On the way home from Port Douglas, we stopped at Palm Cove and other lovely Cairns beach suburbs like Palm Cove teaming with resorts and tourists…I was looking for a particular shot for my Facebook banner but couldn’t find it.

The house
Because I have been to Cairns many times, I would have to say that the highlight of our short stay was the house we stayed in. Apart from that Smart meter, I just loved it! One of the owners of the house is very creative and there was a little surprise in every nook and cranny of the house. If a house can be filled with love, this was it! I felt very, very inspired! The rented house we live in in Brisbane has a sterile garden – devoid of plants and I love gardens. This house in Cairns gave me lots of ideas for putting a bit of love back into the place.

Was it worth it?
Although my body struggled with the radiation from the Smart meter, I have to say that I am really glad that Lewis and I went on our short vacation. My body feels a bit worse for wear but I feel inspired and ready to try other adventures. It really is a case of test and measure. It is also a case of doing a bit then resting. Doing too much in recovery is a recipe for disaster and although I made sure we rested, to be honest, I over did it on Easter Sunday. Although I wouldn’t stay in that house again, there are other friendlier (in terms of EMR) places that I would cope with much better.
I really do feel that I am getting my life back. The truth is, life is to be lived and I am living it!