This book is about tranquilizers/benzodiazepines. It is not about anti-depressants or any other prescription drug.

Who is this book written for?

You may be currently taking a tranquilizer or someone close to you may be suffering from withdrawal symptoms and like so many others are afraid to take the step to free themselves from these addictive drugs. This book has been written to help you understand what is going on, how to cope with the symptoms and to know what to do.

I am currently taking benzodiazepines but I am not feeling any symptoms. Should I stop taking them?

The answer to this is a YES! The longer you take an addictive medication, the more the body relies on the drug and will eventually require more of it. This leads to an ever increasing need for medications all of which have side effects – sometimes very unpleasant ones that can last for years. A slow and gradual taper from your medications will free you from the cycle of having to ‘take your meds’ with you wherever you go and give you back your health and freedom.

I only take my meds on an as needed basis. Do I need to taper from them?

The answer to this depends on how often you take the medication and how many. We often kid ourselves that these little pills aren’t doing us any harm because that is what we are hoping for. The truth is, every time you take one of these pills you are altering your brain chemistry and this can lead to eventual addiction. If you only take your meds very occasionally then perhaps you can resist them and stop taking them and learn some of the techniques that I have outlined in the book to help your body calm down naturally.

How do I know that this is right for me?

Thousands of people have successfully tapered from these medications using the techniques outlined in my book and gone on to lead full and healthy lives. What is not right for you is to continue to take the drugs, quit cold turkey or take yourself to a detox centre which will taper you as if you are an illicit drug user using other drugs. Google Stevie Nicks and learn from her experience to see what I mean.

How long will it take me to taper from my benzodiazepines?

The length of your taper depends on your dosage, the number of drugs that you are currently taking, your state of health and other factors. You can lead a normal life while tapering and many have done so while working and raising families. Although everyone wants to free themselves from these drugs as soon as possible, it is more important to taper safely than rush the process and risk debilitating symptoms.

How do I know if I am addicted?

You can get addicted to some benzodiazepines in as little as 7 days. When your meds are no longer working for you and you need to take another pill or another different pill, you know that you are addicted.  If you resist increasing your dosage, your body may show signs of distress such as anxiety, insomnia, sore muscles, intolerance to hot or cold or heart palpitations to mention only a few symptoms that you might experience. My book shows you what to do to minimise unpleasant side effects so that your can go on with your life and reclaim it.