Here’s my own personal story from dependency
and the rocky road to my new found health…


My story is not pretty as I went from having it all with a nice home and loving family and a career I loved – to losing it all.


Please listen closely to what I tell you.

You can take the right steps and avoid the hell I went through.

There is a real solution to ending your dependence on benzodiazepines and you can go through a healthy and slow withdrawal and in time become drug free.

I’m a 66 year old woman. I was dependent on Mogadon, a benzodiazepine, for 35 years.

Before my life became a living hell (from being dependent on Mogadon) I travelled through Asia on my way to migrating to the USA. I couldn’t sleep so I sought the help of a doctor and he suggested taking Mogadon. To my surprise I didn’t even need a script and because of that I stupidly thought the drug was safe.
On returning to Australia, I worked as a middle administrator in a high school. I was overstressed and worn out from the constant demands of my High School Administration job.

All I wanted to do was have a good night’s sleep; as I had a hard time winding down after my stressful work day. I really needed to be able to sleep to perform effectively in my demanding job so once again I sought medical help.

The sad thing is the low dose of Mogadon that my doctor prescribed me didn’t work after a while so I went from taking one tablet to two.

The extra pill worked for a while but not for long so I went back to the doctor and she prescribed a different stronger pill.

She referred me to a Hypnotherapist for hypnotherapy, my brain was scanned and no irregularities were found.

Later I was sent to a psychiatrist who prescribed me more different deadly pills.

My insomnia continued to worsen so I went to other doctors who told me to remove my silver dental fillings, go to yoga classes and learn to relax. As the years dragged on I was prescribed stronger and more deadly prescriptions – I got sicker and sicker!

My health was rapidly declining. All of this useless medical advice was making me dependant on prescription drugs – and cost me thousands of dollars…
Finally, at the age of 55, I accepted voluntary redundancy.



I went back to see my doctor and told her that I needed to get off the pills. She told me to reduce by ¼ of a pill every few days until they were all gone. I went home with the greatest determination to finally become drug free – but after a few weeks I dismally failed!

As a last resort, I trusted my Doctor one more time. I went back to see her again and she prescribed Halcion which sent me on a trip straight to hell!

For two years I went from doctor to doctor to get help. I didn’t know it, they didn’t know it but I was in what is called “tolerance withdrawal”. The little pill that I was taking would only work for a couple of hours before my body wanted more.

I knew that I was in deep trouble!

One day, in desperation…
I Googled the word Halcion and to my horror discovered what a dreadful poison it was. It is banned!

That’s right BANNED in several European countries but here in Australia, it is STILL prescribed by doctors and dentists!

As I read further, I realized for the first time that I was completely dependent on Halcion! My body was addicted to it!

No one else knew that but I knew. I was a well-respected teacher and I felt dreadful.

At first my life slowly unravelled but then the speed picked up and the unravelling went at the rate of knots. My relationships within my family went awry and my finances were a mess.

During that time I lost my home and my life savings. This was the time of the GFC and my husband’s investment failures, my life was at rock bottom.

I had to get my life back and very slowly but I was determined. I didn’t have any money, but I had no choice. I needed to go back to work.



So I decided to retrain myself – that meant more study. I gained three qualifications, one as a Life Coach, and two teaching English as Second Language (TESOL).


One of these qualifications was a post graduate qualification from a university. I hadn’t studied for years and it was another huge challenge for me! I achieved all of this while I was tapering.

Yet I was determined and in time I actually started working again, shortly after this I achieved better health and became well – I became benzo free.

Now let’s go back and talk about YOU!
YES, it’s THE PILLS That Are Making You Sick!

The pain you are feeling is not your imagination! You are NOT making this up!

The sad fact is that people are being misinformed! AND the misinformation is killing many of them and leaving others with severe post withdrawal symptoms lasting for years – their lives ruined and shattered.

This is what the Doctors don’t tell you! But some doctors are beginning to catch on and they are forcing their patients on a rapid taper.
Don’t let a rapid taper be forced on you!

Soon you’ll know all about the horrors and side effects of these drugs and mistakes you could make when “tapering down your dose” and what you need to do to protect your health!




I’ll help you understand what is happening to your body, brain and nervous system and the chemical changes you are going through while you taper down.

This is so you can survive and effectively deal with the daily discomforts of withdrawal. I’ll tell you how to help your body to function more normally and how to calm your body down.

The many books and Internet Websites don’t show you how to cope!

You are NOT a mathematical formula, you have your own history, situation and health issues and learning how to cope and slowly turn your life around is VERY empowering!


How to get your body and life back to normal…
and become BENZO-FREE!

I’m here to give it to you a natural alternative solution proven to heal.

I know that’s a tall order. I’m sure you are probably sceptical. That’s only common sense, right?

My book is called “Tranquilizer Free” and it’s taken me hundreds of hours to research and write, edit and deliver this downloadable book to you.

Tranquilizer Free contains exactly the information you need to understand the many health risks and pitfalls you need to avoid ensuring a successful withdrawal — you can become drug free!

“Tranquilizer Free” is custom tailored to improve your chances of doing a “proper tapering” and how to deal with the withdrawal AND LIVE A MORE NORMAL LIFE AND BE DRUG FREE!