Here’s the true stories of people who read and used my program…


“In 2011 Coby helped me with her vast knowledge of benzodiazepines, gained by study, her own experience, and from other addicts she had supported on the forum. As I continued to taper, I felt as though I was lifted me out of the dark pit of addiction, giving me the hope I needed to gain my freedom from benzodiazepine addiction. I can honestly say that I could not have accomplished my taper off benzodiazepines with the smooth transition into recovery I experienced, had it not been for Coby.

When Coby told me that she was going to write a book of her benzodiazepine experience, with the hope to help others in their addiction, I thought, she is the best one to undertake this, as she knows the subject!  After reading her book, “Tranquilizer Free”, I am sure that anyone that is caught in the web of the growing epidemic of benzodiazepine addiction will find Coby’s book, a practical, yet personal guide, that will aid, inform, and encourage the addict out of the trap they have found themselves in. This book is the key to the freedom that the addict is looking for.”

~ Donita HerbertUSA



“Coby and I shared a house for 2 1/2 years while she was living at the Gold Coast. At the time she was tapering from benzodiazepines. I witnessed firsthand how Coby managed to work through the withdrawal process but I also witnessed how she gradually rebuilt every aspect of her life. I saw her change from someone who was quite debilitated to a functioning member of the work force, working in a demanding job. Coby refused to become a victim of benzodiazepines and she set out to enjoy life.

Coby frequently went out boating or bushwalking with groups of people or taking part in other activities but she also spent a considerable amount of her time helping others seeking advice. Coby is a living testimony to the fact that what she writes about in her book ‘Tranquilizer Free’ works. I urge you to give it a try.”

Esther Auf der Maur – Gold Coast, Queensland



“I devoured the book. What a great reading!! Tranquilizer Free is easy to read and to understand while going through a benzo withdrawal. The tips and suggestions made by the author based on her experience make this book a very useful tool for any person tapering or about to start a taper. The recommendations will help a person to stabilize, be functional and have a successful taper. This book would have been such a great help to me, when I started my journey to become Benzo free!

Thanks Coby for all the support and help during the worst time of my life. God bless you!!”

~ Laura– Argentina



“I found Tranquilizer Free to be well written, easy to follow and understand and a great reference for those who are ready to embark on the journey to come off benzodiazepines. This book will give hope and determination to know that others have walked this path and come through this ordeal. Thank you Coby for the many hours, time and research you have put into
this book to help others. Congratulations for such a wonderful work.”

~ Elaine Sanders – Melbourne, Victoria



“It was lucky for me that I met Coby and was able to read her book when I really needed it. Depression affected my digestive system (as it often does) and it was green smoothies, made to Coby’s recipe that put me on the road to recovery.

The improvement has been gradual but steady and noticeable. In fact, so noticeable, that it has surpassed my expectations. Every spoon of green smoothie I take in soothes my stomach, as if it were covering it with a protective film. And what’s more – they’re yummy. Each 250g is a delight I look forward to spoiling myself with twice a day, every day. So it is balm for the body and for the soul as well. But if green smoothies are not your thing, you’ll find lots of other helpful hints in Coby’s book.”

~ Anna BeyerGold Coast, Queensland



“Coby and I “met” three years ago on a forum for people trying to come off of benzodiazepines. I thought I would  die from lack of sleep until I learned that Coby had gone many nights with only little catnaps, yet was still able to walk on the beach, moderate the forum, study, and maintain life without any outside support. We cried and laughed together during those long and dark nights and days. We got through it.

Now Coby has written this accounting of her journey with candour and wit, and the same spirit of survival I saw on the forum. Not everyone will have the experience she has had; not everyone will learn the same lessons about getting in touch with themselves because of this painful journey; not everyone will be able to, in effect, “sing an octave higher”, as Coby manages to do. She rises above the self-pity and lament of what some might consider wasted years. She turns it into a journey of self-discovery. Within these pages is an honest account of a woman growing into her potential. It’s a lovely thing to witness. It has been my very real pleasure. Thank you, Coby. I have benefited enormously from your integrity and raw courage.”

~ Sally Higbee – USA



This story is one of misdiagnosis and ignorance on the part of medical practitioners. This woman was acrophobic, house bound, confined to a rocking chair talking to her online friends her only outside contact.

Here is part of what she wrote me:


“I was on Xanax, Klonopin and Valium, with doses up to 120 mg Valium equivalent. Today I am 17 months benzo free. During the course of these years, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, Celiac disease, Lupus, cardiac arrhythmia, irritable bowel, GERD, essential high blood pressure, Dupuytren’s contracture, thyroid deficiencies, sleep apnea, metabolic syndrome, adrenal fatigue, major depression, acute anxiety and PTSD, about 10 years into this process, I simply gave up.

I’m one of the lucky ones who just slowly began to feel better. It wasn’t dramatic. Sometimes it wasn’t even noticeable. I started driving again at 1 mg. I made some real progress socially at about 8 months off. At 15 months off, I entered a masters program in psychology. My goal is to become a counselor. Only the Celiac diagnosis remains. All the rest of the medical diagnoses I was given no longer apply. Even the sleep apnea has gone away.

There are days when I feel absolutely wonderful in my body. I’m usually full of energy and well being. I’ve recently begun sleeping 7-8 hours straight through after years of no sleep.”

~ Name withheld upon request



This wonderful lady is an example of what you can do.

I shared some of my secrets with her but now I have even more to share with you. There are many, many other success stories that I could tell you but maybe not quite a dramatic as this one!

Now I think you can see why, I can’t overemphasize how what is in my book can significantly improve your health (even beyond lowering your dependence on tranquilizers) and can ultimately improve your whole life.

It’s true and you can start feeling happier and more energetic and healthier than you have in years and be free of your dependence on tranquilizers when you follow the program and you can get started today!